Happy Testimonials


“As a parent you have the unique ability to choose who has a primary influence in your child's life. My husband and I are proud to have Cara Agustin, Sue Brumet and the many other qualified instructors at the The Studio speak into our daughters lives. Integrity in life and in dance is taught and modeled each and every class. The Studio is what makes this community home.”

— Jen W.


“My daughter began her journey later than most but with the training and guidance of

the most gifted, committed and kind instructors my daughter became a dancer. A true dancer! To me a true dancer is someone who is capable of bringing you into their dance so it makes you feel that not only is your mind dancing with them but your heart is too.

That is what the studio creates in these individuals-Dancers who dance from the heart.”

— Shalom Arviso

“The instructors at The Studio are some of the best you would find anywhere, let alone our small community. They teach proper technique and offer a nice variety of dance genres. The professional floor is wonderful and the dance space is beautiful and welcoming. The staff and the students at The Studio are very supportive and encouraging of all dance levels and types. It's a safe, judgement-free area to dance for the love of it. Added bonus: it's in a great, central location and plenty of parking too.”

— Cheryl Escamilla Oneto 


“My daughter Skyler has been dancing at The Studio Performing Technique Dance School for the last 7 years. The education she has received there has been invaluable. The relationships she has made there will last a lifetime. Cara Agustin, Sue Brummet, and Kate Allen have taught her ballet, tap, jazz, and musical theater. But they have also taught her so much more. Skyler has also learned work ethic, personal accountability, teamwork and courage. The teachers at The Studio have taught her how to believe in herself and to encourage her fellow dancers. They have taught her how to learn from disappointment and how to use it to push forward and be stronger. They have given her the confidence and encouragement to take her skills out in the world and apply them in many different settings. The Studio has been a second family and a safe loving environment for my daughter. What she has learned there will remain with her throughout her life.”

— Nicki Guzman

“My daughters have a combined 22 years of dance experience, 11 years each. They have studied with many excellent instructors throughout Amador County. The Studio has been by far the best experience of their dance careers. Cara and her staff have created a positive healthy environment free of the drama that is often pervasive in the dance world. She is focused on the healthful development of young dancers their growth, and their welfare. We feel privileged to be a part of the Studio community and cannot recommend it highly enough”

— Van Riviere

“We have been going here for 4 years now and couldn't be happier. The way Cara runs her program shows her love for dance and her commitment to keeping a happy and healthy environment for her students. She structures things so that the the students progress when they are ready, not when they want to. I feel like this is key to making sure they are ready both physically and mentally. The teachers strive to make things fun for the students and even when things get hard, you can tell that they truly care for them as a person and as a dancer. I really appreciate Cara and her staff and would highly recommend The Studio to anyone considering a dance school in our area.”

— Caitlin McCloskey