KOS Auditions


What is a KOS?

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In the audition, all students are taught a short musical theater and/or jazz combination. Students are then divided into small groups to perform the combination to a panel of judges. For those who are tap dancers, an additional combination is taught and performed. Auditioners are also expected to prepare 15 seconds of any additional talent they wish to share with the judges (singing, acrobatics, drama, music, dance, etc.).

Email Questions to: info@thestudio.dance

Kids 7-18 years old may audition. Please bring a small headshot photo of child to attach to application at audition. Dancers will be taught a musical theater/jazz number to perform for the judges. Dancers will also need to prepare a 15 second talent. Please have dancers wear dance attire and jazz shoes. Please bring tap shoes if you are a tap dancer.

Rehearsals will be on Friday afternoons from 5-7pm on an every other week schedule (rehearsals twice a month). Rehearsals are mandatory, and if students miss with an unexcused absence they will be dismissed from the group for the rest of the season.

Kos performs for community events and elementary schools. Please contact (209) 304-7361 for more information about KOS.


Contact Cara (209) 304-7361 to request a performance by KOS.